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Presentation Guidelines

Presentation Guidelines

Oral presentations

The lecture hall is equipped with PC projection facilities only. To avoid technical problems, please be aware that your own laptop cannot be installed; bring your presentation on a disc, CDROM or memory stick.

In preparing your presentation, please consider the following: Your presentation has to be formatted horizontally.

• Remember the dictum “less is more”: do not overload your slides with secondary information.

• To obtain clear slides, consider the differences between the size of your office and that of an auditorium for 300 people. The attendants sitting in the last row also have the right to read the contents of your slides without any problem. Test your slides on readability.

• Test facilities will be available in the room of the Organizing Committee.

- Meet the chairperson 20 minutes prior to the beginning of your session and give the projectionist your slides, disc, CDROM or memory stick. Acquaint yourselves to the microphone and pointer


Poster presentations

We have to emphasize that poster presentations are considered equally important as oral 


When a poster has been attributed, this does not mean that the work is considered second class.

Poster board sizes are: 90 cm wide x 200 cm high, light brown color. 

The paper number will be indicated in the left upper corner of the board.

Posters are displayed vertically.

Adhesive tape will be provided, the author must bring everything else.


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